Pretty interesting thing to talk about? I think yes. How many times in your life do you encounter yourself with this question? This simple question, Do i deserve this? Let’s think about the scenarios in which we ask ourselves this. On top of the list, we often end up with this question in our mind, when some one really very close to us hurts us, whether it be because that person lied, or maybe left you crying, or any random reason. Despite our irresistible efforts of making that person happy, sacrificing things, keeping that person above everyone, we are betrayed. And i am pretty sure you all can relate with this, because each one of you must have experience this at least once. You might have had breakups, people cheating on you or they just used you and threw you in the trash. It’s a difficult world, i know, and people living on this earth are deceitful, not everyone though, but most of them. Now when you ask yourself the cause of this pain inside your heart, you end up blaming yourself, and you start thinking why did you deserved this. You cry, lose hope, feel deprived of any emotion and enter the state of pessimism and you decide all by yourself that you don’t deserve anything in life. Well you are wrong here, want to know why? Well, we have a tendency of knowing the truth but not accepting it. Let’s walk through some examples, When you wake up in the morning and somebody hands a cup of tea, do you ponder about this thought that what have you done to deserve it? You don’t. Let’s take one more example, when your best friend consoles you because you felt so low in life, do you question about their help? Do you think, do i deserve this helpful behavior? Still not getting my point? Let’s generalize the whole thing then. We curse ourselves for every bad thing that people do to us, and we don’t see the tiny small things that your family, friends and the people who really love you end up doing only for you. Now tell me, do you deserve this? Yes you do. You deserve every good thing that comes your way and you deserve to get rid of all the bad things or people from your life. You deserve to stay happy and follow your dreams, and most importantly you deserve YOU. You have always deserved you. And this isn’t a thing to ask yourself about. This question shouldn’t even exists in our lives. If you are heart-broken, you deserve a better man, if you are jobless, you have a better place to be, if you are poor, time is just testing you, if you are alone, you would not always stay alone. All you need to remember is, You have you at all times. I am not saying start staying alone, i am simple asking to know the worth you have always up held within yourself. You have every right to fall down, because this is life, but you have an equal right to rise again. You have the right to fight, make wrong decisions, stuck up somewhere in life but among all these things you also have the right to deserve a life you like. Stop being vulnerable to situations, people and hardships and start praising every little possibility of life that shines your way and only then will you get to know, how well you deserved everything.

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